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About Kakao M


We Entertain

Kakao M creates all cultural contents that contain ‘Entertain DNA’.
We deliver and expand fun around the world through a platform that can be connected anytime and anywhere.





We introduce the core values to form ‘Entertain DNA’ of Krews that compose Kakao M

  • Growth

    We believe that the best welfare the Company could give is ‘Growth through work’.

    Kakao M fully supports all Krews to develop as experts.

  • Reasonability

    The management of the Company cannot satisfy everyone, but minimal reasoning must be adopted.

    Kakao M executives and Krews establish common values and confidence through communicating and sharing.

  • Commitment

    Supporting all Krews to become fully involved in their work is the duty of the Company and the greatest benefit our organization could offer.

    Kakao M encourages Krews to increase commitment across the general life at work by improving business efficiency.

  • Fun

    ‘Entertain’ is the core value of the Company and positively strives to become ‘Expert that knows Fun’.

    Kakao M aims to form positive energy and unite between Krews to find fun through work.